Winners announced.
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Winners announced

Once again it is wonderful to see conceptual designers from New Zealand’s tertiary institutions taking part in the ICDC 2020 competition. Thank you all for sending in your work and participating in this wonderful endeavor. This competition unites artists and designers between our two countries and brings awareness to the different working processes, creativity and cultural thoughts of a diverse range of students and artists.

Sadly though there can only be one winner.

The winning design I selected this year is by Laura Wu from Ara Institute in Canterbury. I enjoyed Laura’s individuality of the city design with its semi-art noveau qualities, the composition and wonderful up lighting on the buildings and the story telling with the horse and rider bursting through a rift in the fabric of time. Congratulations to Laura Wu for this beautiful piece of concept art.

Runner up goes to Joseph Conway, also from Ara Institute in Canterbury, who conceived of a scientist going back in time to research the cholera outbreak of 1853 in London. This moody piece of visual storytelling was enjoyable to explore and a fun way to realise the brief given. Congratulations to Joseph.

Third place goes to Nicholas Rowsby, from the University of Auckland, who had a terrific concept within his artwork that tells a dramatic and clever piece of storytelling - showing the rift between two specific times with multiple elements within the image. I found this a clever way to share a complex idea.

Although, it is with great disappointment that we won’t be able to host Laura and Joseph in Incheon this year due to the travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. I do hope that you can both be involved in the online activities surrounding this event in South Korea i.e. panel discussions and guest speakers.

Thank you and congratulations again to our winners.

Richard Taylor


Changxin (Laura) Wu

Ara Institute of Canterbury
A Fortuitous Arrival

My submission A Fortuitous Arrival portrays a sharp dichotomy between the antiquity of the time traveller and the futurism of a rapidly advancing Incheon. The key objective behind this piece is the visualization of Incheon both a technologically-driven metropolis and the amalgamation of cultural legacy with progression in a 2077 atmosphere. During the creative process behind this piece, the main inspiration comes from my love for science as I believe nature is the greatest muse for creativity. The organically inspired architectures echoes an utopian vision of a world where technology and nature can thrive under the innovation of science. By applying this idea in the context of the brief, it reiterates the juxtaposition of the past and future which is the underlying visual theme in my work.


Joseph Conway

Ara Institute of Canterbury
Title: Time travel and outbreak

In the year 1853, a scientist from the year 2077 time leaps back to the past to gather first-hand intelligence on the cholera outbreak of 1853 in London to help guide further understandings in anesthetics and epidemiology. He has to wear a high tech hazmat suit in order to protect people from the past because of deadly super viruses and bugs that could wipe out an entire population in old London. 


Nicholas Rowsby

University of Auckland
A Cut in the time / line

The setting is both 1900 and 2077 Wellington, New Zealand (by the parliament buildings). A future where the government is overrun by a tyrant amidst rising sea levels and technological development.  His goal; to eliminate the hairlines of all citizens beneath him. A young hopeful escapes his grip by leaping through time to make a change via a reality altering time machine modelled as a pair of scissors. He cuts through time to the year 1900 to save the future...... and everyone's hair.


This year we are offering two alternate design briefs for you to choose from:

Option 1. Imagine a time traveller from 1900AD (could be English, Korean, Chinese etc) that arrives in Incheon 2077.

Option 2. A time traveller from the year 2077 travels back to London or Wellington, New Zealand or even Incheon Circa 1900.


Your skill and artistry could win you a fantastic monetary prize. Enter the Incheon City Design Competition, supported by Weta Workshop’s CEO and Creative Director Richard Taylor, and be in to win a fantastic monetary reward:

1st PLACE NZD $3,000

2nd PLACE NZD $1,500

3rd PLACE A $200USD voucher to spend on collectibles at

The prizes for the 2020 ICDC competition have been updated to comply with New Zealand international travel restrictions. Monetary prizes are now this year’s reward.


May 1
Entries Open

July 23
Entries Close

July 31
Winners Announced

August 26/27
ICDC exhibition and awards ceremony in Incheon, South Korea

Terms & Conditions

Enter the New Zealand category of the Incheon Concept Design Competition, supported by Weta Workshop’s CEO and Creative Director Richard Taylor, and be in to win a fantastic monetary reward.

These are the rules for participation in the New Zealand division of the Incheon Concept Design Competition (referred to below as the “Competition”).

These rules make a contract between you (the person entering the Competition) and us (Weta Workshop Limited, the promoter of the Competition).

When you enter the Competition, you must use your real name. You guarantee us that all information you provide when you sign up is complete and accurate, and that your submission for the Competition will consist of wholly original work produced by you, and will not infringe the copyright, or any intellectual property of any third party.


The Competition is open to all students aged 18 years or older, enrolled in a tertiary course in New Zealand. Employees and contractors of Weta Workshop, and their immediate families, are not eligible to enter.


1st PLACE will receive a monetary prize of NZD $3,000, to be used at the winner’s discretion. This prize has been updated to comply with New Zealand international travel restrictions.

2nd PLACE will receive a monetary prize of NZD $1,500 to be used at the winner’s discretion. This prize has been updated to comply with New Zealand international travel restrictions.

3rd PLACE a USD$200 voucher (in the form of Weta dollars) to spend on collectables at

The top 10 designs will be sent to Korea as part of a display for the awards ceremony.

Entry dates

The competition commences on 1 May 2020 and closes at 11.59pm on 23 July 2020 (NZT).


The entrant needs to submit 1 final design with a title and a 3-4 line explanation of the entrant’s design concept. The entrant can also submit 2-3 work in progress sketches to support their final design. To enter the Competition email your entry to Please remember to include:

  1. Your full name.
  2. Email.
  3. The New Zealand tertiary institution at which you are enrolled.
  4. The name of tertiary course in which you are enrolled.
  5. Expected year of graduation.
  6. Accept the rules of this competition.

You may enter as many times as you wish, in individual submissions. Your work will be judged as individual pieces, not as a body of work.

Submission must consist of wholly original work produced by you, and will not infringe the copyright, or any intellectual property of any third party.

Submissions may be no more than 10MB. PDF, PNG, TIFF and JPEG formats will be accepted. Please provide your work at the highest quality possible to give it the best chance to shine.

Note that any entries received by post are not eligible and will not be considered by the judges.


The judging panel (comprised of Richard Taylor and senior members of our design studio) will select the New Zealand winner and runners-up by 30 July 2020. The winner and runner-up will be announced by 31 July 2020. The judges’ decision cannot be questioned or challenged, and no correspondence will be entered into.

We may disqualify you from participating in the Competition and/or collecting any prize if there are reasonable grounds to believe that you have violated any of these rules or acted in a fraudulent or deceptive manner.

Use of logos and brands

Competition entrants are not to use or incorporate any existing brands or logos in their submissions. If you are in doubt as to whether your submission complies with this rule, you may request clarification from Weta Workshop by emailing Weta Workshop reserves the right to alter any submissions prior to exhibition to prevent infringement of intellectual property rights, if known to Weta.

Use of your submissions

All concept designs submitted may be exhibited in Incheon, alongside submissions from other participating countries, although we may exclude submissions if in our view they are manifestly inconsistent with the brief for the Competition, or where necessary to comply with any restrictions imposed by the organisers of the Incheon exhibition on obscene or offensive content.

By entering the Competition, you give Weta Workshop (and others authorised by Weta Workshop) permission to include your submission and name in the exhibition in Incheon, on the Competition’s website, and/or in any promotional videos or other media published to promote the Competition or for future competitions. These permissions cannot be withdrawn, and do not require any payment or royalty.

Except as set out above, Weta Workshop claims no rights to the works submitted in the Competition. Each entrant retains ownership of all intellectual property in his or her submission.


By accepting the prize, the winner and runners-up agree that Weta Workshop (and others authorised by Weta Workshop) may use their name, submission and photo for publicity, promotional, marketing and/or media purposes related to the Competition. The winner and runners-up agree to be photographed at the Incheon Concept Design Competition ceremony in South Korea.

Prize rules

The prize is non-transferable, non-refundable, non-exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash. We may substitute the prize, or any part of the prize, for alternative items, including cash, of greater or equal cash value at our sole discretion

Travel must take place between 22-30 August 2020. The exact dates and times that the winner and runners-up will travel are dependent upon flight schedules, availability and capacity. Our travel agent will endeavour to accommodate the winner’s preferred travel times and option, and will advise which airline the winner will fly.

To claim the prize, you must have a passport which, as at the date of your departure, will have at least 6 months remaining before its expiry date.

Except as specified in these rules, you are responsible for all costs that you might need to incur in order to accept or use any prize, or as a result of accepting or using any prize (including, for example, taxes and/or other incidental expenses).

Winning or coming second or third in the Competition does not guarantee you an internship with Weta Workshop. However, we always have our eyes peeled for great new talent.

In the event that the winner and runners-up are unable to accept the prize or are subsequently disqualified from the Competition, Weta Workshop may (at its own discretion) select another representative from the New Zealand Competition entries to attend in their place.


We will collect and use the information that you provide us when you enter the Competition, for the purposes of running the Competition. We may publish your name and submission as outlined above in these rules. We may also use your information to contact you about future work opportunities. If you do not provide us with the information required by the Competition, you will not be eligible to enter.

We may also use web analytics tools (including ‘cookies’) to track your usage of websites through which you participate in the Competition (including your mouse click activity and your IP address).

You have a right to request access to, and correction of, and deletion of the personal information we hold about you.

Exclusion of liability

As far as permitted by law, Weta Workshop will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any kind as a result of or in connection with the Competition, the prizes or these rules, and in particular, any loss, damage or injury that the winner or runners-up might suffer in receiving or using any prize.

Other terms

These terms will be governed by New Zealand law. Any dispute relating to the Competition, any prize or these terms will be a matter for the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts.